Argan Oil Algae Mask

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Algae mask with natural argan oil extract strongly soothes, soothes and moisturizes the complexion. Argan oil called the "elixir of youth" has been serving the Moroccanians for many years for cosmetic, medical and culinary purposes. Only recently have its properties been appreciated by the rest of the world. Algae mask with argan oil deeply moisturizes the skin, anti-inflammatory is rich in vitamin E and has antioxidant properties


Mix 3 scoops of powder and 3 scoops of cold mineral water. Rub the preparation with rapid movements until you get a smooth mass. Spread the mask evenly over the face and neck, then let it sit until it stops. After 15-20 minutes, remove the mask. .


Add 2 doses of Silencing Mask to cool and shrink the blood vessels, reducing any redness! If your client does not suffer from claustrophobia, put the mask on her eyelids and lips. Remember to warn the customer that the mask is cold before applying, so that the discomfort is minimized. While the algae mask is congealing, do a gentle massage of the head or hands.



Alginate - It has important cosmetic meaning, because it gives so-called occlusion effect. This means that it creates a "film" on the skin that causes a reduction in TEA (Transepidermal Water Loss; transepidermal water loss). It contributes to the expansion of skin pores and better penetration of active substances. It has a rejuvenating, immunostimulating, moisturizing and regenerating effect. It binds toxins and stimulates metabolism. Removes fat deposits and improves circulation.


Argan oil - contains vitamin E called the vitamin of beauty and youth, the concentration of which is twice as high as in olive oil. Argan oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids of about 80% mainly in linoleic omega-6 and oleic omega-9. It also has many active substances in which there are groups of anti-carcinogens such as: carotenes, polyphenols with antioxidant and antiradical activity, tocopherols, triterpene alcohols, tirucallol soothing allergies, skin regenerating sterols and butyrospermol for skin care before and after tanning.


Diatomaceous Earth, Algin, Calcium Sulfate, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, Zinc Oxide, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Parfum